breathing deeply

Breathing deeply - finding inner balance and an individual and powerful expression using your own energy

The most natural source of energy

Breathing deeply. Sensing the essential. Feeling and discovering yourself, getting energy and balance and finding your own powerful expression.

The one who engages with what's naturally happening, can make unexpected discoveries of his own resources and possibilities. Being aware of your own breath helps you perceive yourself and the world around you in new ways.

for speakers, actors, musicians

I work with artists who wish to develop vocally and while playing their instruments and who wish to work on their stage presence. My approach focuses on how to breathe freely: a flexible breath control and breath support are of utmost importance if you wish to work on your body awareness and find authentic sound and expression.

For performing arts health practitioners, body therapists and therapists

I'm happy to support you with elementary breathwork, if you wish to guide your patients and clients with individual breathing sessions. Working this way, we focus on the individual energy potentials of the patiens so they can understand that their body's energy and their mental balance are correlated. You are interested in this work?

Here you'll find more information about what I can offer for therapists and body therapists

Taking a deep breath:
breathwork in staff development

Those who can experience the power of an unhindered breathing movement , will sense an unexpected amount of energy in their bodies. Once blocked by constraints and tensions, they will now feel how flexible their bodies are as well as their minds. This way they now can work on their authenticity and on expressing themselves individually and powerfully. Having to face the demands of a more and more top-heaving work environment, the sensation of a deep breath can help many people to get new ideas and to develop personally. Find out more about breathwork in staff development.

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You also wish to breathe deeply? To include breathwork in your profession as musician, pedagogue or therapist? To support staff development or to use it for your self-development? I'm happy to receive your requests! Please contact me via the following contact form